TutorTrac has been great in responding to our occasional needs and I appreciate their willingness to help us with customizations. With the help of Kelly and the gang and Redrock we've been able to create tools with our TutorTrac product that we would never have been able to get our campus IT people to touch. Now that many of these tools have become institutionalized even our IT people are giving TutorTrac kudos.
--D.J. Teichert
Brigham Young University-Idaho
TutorTrac Basics:
TutorTrac is a powerful and complete management software for learning, writing, reading, tutoring departments, and academic skills centers for traditional and athletic students. TutorTrac is completely web-based and may be installed at your college or university or hosted by Redrock Software Corporation. Connect your registrar, information technology department, tutoring and learning center directors, and other tutoring staff to provide a unified system to track registrations in courses, record visits to the tutoring and learning centers, and report on progress and grades earned in courses.

The TutorTrac installation is very simple. Insert the provided CD to your server or run the downloaded installation files on your server. TutorTrac can be installed on a Windows operating system, 2000 and newer.

Hosted Solution
TutorTrac may be a hosted solution for your college or university. When using the hosted version, you will work with Redrock Software Corporation to access and set up your TutorTrac server. Server and web hosting fees apply. Contact sales@go-redrock.com for more details.

TutorTrac can store full demographic information for more than 2 billion student records with registrations and visit histories, yet it contains quick and simple search options and reports. It is powerful enough to meet the needs of university tutoring and learning centers serving a student population in excess of 50,000 but it is flexible enough to monitor a small study skills lab.

TutorTrac can be installed on any Windows OS 2000 or newer. As a completely web-based application, users can access and work with the system from any web browser in any operating system. TutorTrac can import data from other databases, including Banner, Peoplesoft, Datatel, SIS, and more. Users can access current and past data and instantly view students logged into the system. You can easily utilize barcode scanners or magnetic strip card readers for logging students in and out of visits.

Standard and custom reports provide you the ability to customize the data you need. Save your Favorite Reports, send reports via email, and even automate your reports to run on their own.

Set emails, backups, reports, custom scripts, and more to run automatically. Remind students about upcoming workshops, appointments, or a resource that they checked out and did not return.

Partial List of TutorTrac Features
  • TutorTrac contains a multi-table relational database engine that is capable of storing over 2 billion student records
  • You may search for a single student name in a list of tens of thousands
  • TutorTrac is a completely web-based tracking system
  • Incorporate links to other important web sites within your own TutorTrac site
  • Smoothly integrate your TutorTrac site with your existing college or university web site
  • Import student, course, and faculty information
  • Connect to your university LDAP, Active Directory, or Single Sign-On system to integrate with university authentication
  • Easily interface your TutorTrac system with Banner, Datatel, PeopleSoft and other student information systems
  • Secure your TutorTrac data online with SSL Encryption
  • Log students activity and record visits with tutors and writing tutors and writing consultants
  • Record attendance of workshops and orientations
  • Instantly view all students that are currently logged in to the system
  • Utilize scanners and card readers at login stations to record visits
  • Utilize handheld scanners to record remote visits without access to login stations
  • Access TutorTrac with web-enabled devices, such as iPods, iPads, iPhones, Androids, Windows Mobile devices, or BlackBerrys
  • Manage unlimited centers, users, tutors and writing tutors and writing consultants and allow or restrict access to data
  • Create unique profiles for centers to maintain separate preferences and settings
  • Manage schedules for unlimited advisors across unlimited centers
  • User Interface for scheduling with Click and Drag and Drag and Drop capabilities
  • Create schedules for appointments or walk-in visits
  • Block schedules for Illness, Holidays, School Breaks, Staff Meetings, or other
  • Allow multiple users to access and manage the schedules
  • Group settings to control access to schedules
  • Allow students to view their own visit history and schedule their own appointments
  • Automatically restrict students based on missed appointments
  • Organize students into Student Lists (student groups) for permissions or quick searches
  • Generate hundreds of pre-formatted and customized reports
  • Restrict access to reports by group and center
  • Save Favorite Reports, send reports via email, and set up reports to run automatically
  • Email students through the web interface
  • Automatically email appointment confirmations to students and/or tutors and writing consultants
  • Provide Outlook iCal attachments to post appointments on Outlook Calendar
  • Automatically email nightly appointment schedule reminders to students and/or tutors and writing consultants
  • Automatically email Missed or Cancelled appointment messages to students and/or tutors and writing consultants
General Description
TutorTrac is an easy to install self-contained and stable software application. It is a multi-file relational database that can execute complex queries quickly and store billions of records. TutorTrac is a perfomance-tuned application server that utilizes a fast and rock-solid database, an easy to use web interface, and a powerful web-server process all in one easy to maintain application. TutorTrac does not require any special initialization or registry entries when installing itself on the server machine. The software can be installed on any Windows XP or newer Operating System. The original TutorTrac login/logout engine was developed by Redrock Software Corporation in 1995. Redrock Software Corporation has a proven track record of developing innovative data management products for commercial use since 1991.

Database Engine
TutorTrac utilizes the proven technology of 4th Dimension of 4D, Inc. of San Jose, California. TutorTrac is a native language, compiled, executable application that takes full advantage of the processor of the machine on which it is operating. The time proven 4D system is in use in many time/security intensive databases and has been in use for over 15 years.

Operating System/Hardware
Compatible with Windows systems as follows:
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/2008/8/2012 Operating System
  • 32- and 64-bit OS
  • Home, Professional, and Server OS versions
  • All Service Packs and Release Candidates
  • Intel Pentium IV-type processor or better

Redrock Software Corporation recommends that the TutorTrac server software run on a dedicated server for institutions that will have a high volume of activity (such as a campus with over 20,000 students that allow students to book appointments using TutorTrac over the web). In low use situations, the TutorTrac server software may run on a server that is a dual-use server.

Other optional hardware
The following equipment is optional, but may be utilized by TutorTrac:
Digital camera for taking pictures to be imported into TutorTrac
Barcode reader, scanner, wand or other type of ID reading device

Memory Requirements
1GB RAM for minimum performance. Recommend 2GB or more for optimal performance.

Network Protocol

TutorTrac requires a TCP/IP network protocol. It defaults to serve on port 80 but may be customized to serve on any port. TutorTrac will accept off-campus logins from users if the campus firewall allows such access.

Data Security

TutorTrac requires all users that access the database to have a valid user name and password. Redrock Software recommends utilizing your campus authentication protocol (LDAP, Active Directory, or other) to allow users and students to log into your TutorTrac system. Redrock Software recommends utilizing the SSL protocol to encrypt your TutorTrac data across the web.

Data Imports from Student Information Systems

TutorTrac may import the demographic and enrollment data from your student information system. This process can be completely automated so your data is always accurate and up-to-date.


Backing up the TutorTrac data file is highly recommended. The TutorTrac server may be configured to backup the data file on a user-defined timed interval. This process may also be handled by the campus' own software.

Easy Migration of Software to Backup/Replacement Server

As hardware needs change, moving the TutorTrac server software to a different server is a simple task. Moving the server directory from the current server to the new server is all that is required.

Redrock Software Corporation is not liable for any data loss for any reason.

TutorTrac is a registered trademark of Redrock Software Corporation

Standard Reports (partial listing)
Learning Center Schedule
Schedule: Consultants by Date
Schedule: Dates by Consultant
Appointments: Consultants/Students
Appointments by Status

Payroll Report-Hours
Payroll Report-Hours and Costs
Fund Code by Consultant by Day
Consultant Logins by Center
Activity by Consultant by Day
Specialties by Consultant
Consultant by Specialties
Week Pay by Fund

Materials Usage Report
Materials Usage Total Time by Resource
Materials Usage Total Time by Student
Materials Due In

Center Usage and Demographics::
Center Usage and Demographics by Subject
Center Usage and Demographics by Cohort
Center Usage and Demographics by Visit Reason
Center Usage and Demographics by Center
Center Usage and Demographics by ??

Students by...
Students by Appointment Status
Students by Subject
Students by Cohort
Students by Visit Reason
Students by Center
Students by ??

Missed Appointments:
Missed Appointments
Missed Appointments by ??
Missed Appointments by Progress Reports

Progress Reports:
Progress Reports Listing by Student
Progress Reports Detail per Student
Progress Reports Detail per Subject
Grades by Hour per Subject
Grades by Number of Visits per Subject

Center Usage by Hour
Center Usage by Hour by Day of Week
Students Total Time
Usage Snap Shot
Ethnicity and Class Breakdown
And More!
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